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Founded in Kenya in 1967, ETG has emerged as one of Africa’s largest Agricultural Conglomerates. ETG’s footprint expands across sub-Saharan Africa, North America, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asian countries.

The Group’s supply chain penetrates deep into replica watches sale remote agricultural regions where we procure commodities from smallholder farmers through our strategically located centres. The commodities are then accumulated at ETG warehouses and/or transported to processing facilities, prior to reaching our customers.

Annually, ETG moves an approximate five million metric tonnes of agricultural commodities around the world and directly employs more than 7 000 people globally. Our vast portfolio of commodities includes: cashews, various types of oilseeds, sugar, coffee, a variety of pulses, wheat, fertilizer, rice, maize and sesame seeds.



ETG’s steady expansion is based on our growing strengths:

  • Efficient two-directional supply chain management
  • Continuous investment in logistic and processing infrastructure
  • Expert knowledge of market trends on all our traded commodities
  • Continued skills development programs for our employees and ongoing recruitment of new talent
  • Experienced executive and senior management.