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Africa’s agro-processing capacity remains underdeveloped. ETG has recognised this need and understands that processing helps build stronger economies by providing employment and increasing foreign exchange revenue.

ETG operates over 40 facilities around the world that process the following commodities:

East Africa Cashew nuts, coffee, maize, pulses, soybeans
Southern Africa Cashew nuts, fertilizer, maize, pulses, sesame seeds, soybeans
India & South East Asia Pulses, wheat, biscuits
China Sesame seeds
Middle East Pulses
Americas Pulses

Year after year, ETG invests heavily in downstream agricultural processes including: cleaning, grading, processing and packaging of raw commodities into branded or near supermarket ready products. We intend to continue expanding these operations in the forthcoming years.

Agriculture Processing Highlights:

  • Our pulses processing plant in Khopoli, India, is one of the largest of its kind in the world, with a capacity of 120,000MT p.a.
  • ETG established the first sesame seed processing facility in Mozambique.
  • We have a further 11 plants under construction in Africa, India and the UAE.