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ETG Agrochemical Division procures environmentally friendly and effective agrochemicals to the highest quality. All our products are manufactured in accordance with FAO standards.

Our philosophy is to focus on our customer’s success, and through our dedicated team of experts, seize market opportunities that will be mutually beneficial to both parties.

ETG’s Offering

Our wide range of products include: herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, foliar fertilizer and plant growth regulators.

We place an emphasis on service in all areas from product sourcing to R&D, market research, product registration, quality assurance, financial support, product sales and crop protection.

We established ETG Agro Services to educate the agricultural community on best practices and show how these can be implemented by using our products. Agro Services has deployed a team of agronomists in the field to train farmers and end users in various agrochemical practices designed to cost effectively improve the yield of their crops.

All our clientele are trained to be fully conversant in all aspects of our business ranging from:

  • Sales and marketing - we regularly visit our dealers and end users and provide them with incentives to penetrate market segments, as well as marketing material to promote our products
  • Product demonstrations our dedicated team of agronomists regularly conduct field demonstrations of various products to educate farmers on how to effectively use our products and techniques to increase their yields
  • Consultations - seminars are regularly held with our overseas partners so that we can educate distributors and commercial estates on new farming practices.

Sourcing & Distribution

Distribution of raw materials to end users is made possible through ETG’s strategically placed buying centres in 26 African countries. Each of our branches has access to over 150 ETG Agro Services in their various regions.