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ETG's Offering

ETG is steadily growing into one of the world’s premier coffee traders, based on outstanding quality, integrated upstream supply-chain management, integrity, reliability and customer care. The Group commenced coffee trading in 2009, initially in Uganda, before expanding to include Tanzania, Togo, and Ivory Coast.

Sourcing & Distribution

Our coffee offering is built on a fully integrated supply chain from origination in East and West Africa to the main destinations of Europe and the USA. Where possible, the raw coffee beans are sourced directly from the farmers. ETG’s coffee supply chain includes strategically sited procurement networks, warehouses and processing units.

ETG is bedding down the sustainability of our coffee sources by gradually introducing coffee traceability and certification programmes to farmers and their associations. We provide technical assistance and training to assist with qualifying for sustainability certifications such as Rainforest Alliance among others. These help farmers improve their yields and earnings, while we secure our supply sources to meet the growing demand for certified coffees.

ETG’s coffee operations are coordinated from a trading desk in Geneva, Switzerland, which acts as both a front and back office in managing primary sales, marketing, logistics, risk management and financing. Operational sites span across West and East Africa, and also a South East Asia office in Vietnam.


ETG directly undertakes every aspect of coffee bean preparation, from collection at the farm gate and transport to our warehouses. ETG employees grade, clean, package and prepare the coffee beans for export to industrial roasters and commercial partners around the world.

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