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The Audit & Compliance Committee oversees all aspects related to the Company’s financial reporting, matters related to corporate governance, disclosures and compliances. This Committee is further responsible for facilitating internal and external audits in order to obtain independent information about the Group’s activities, oversee regulatory compliances and whistleblower guidelines.


The Risk Management Committee is responsible for creating, reviewing and recommending Risk Management Policies. The Committee reviews and monitors the Group’s overall risk exposure and advises the Board on risk strategies based on qualitative and quantitative measures. Further, the committee oversees insurance as well as the implementation of CTRM.


The Remuneration Committee oversees ETG’s Human Resources department and ensures that ETG’s policies and practices comply with international standards as well replica watches as local regulatory compliances. The committee is responsible for determining elements of evaluation and remuneration policy, reviewing the terms of Executive Directors Service Agreements as well as reviewing and approving the HR Policy. Under the guidance of its Remuneration Committee, ETG strives to provide a working environment that fosters the personal and professional growth of all of our employees.

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