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Sub-Saharan Africa has by far the lowest usage rate of fertilizer compared to any other region in the world and Africa currently accounts for less than 1% of the global fertilizer market.

Many African farmers do not produce high yields because they cannot afford or gain access to the fertilizers or agrochemicals for their nutrient-depleted soil needs. ETG’s African farm gate presence enables soil expertise, fertilizer and farming equipment to reach small and scattered farming communities at affordable costs.

Improving Africa’s soil productivity requires increased but targeted use of fertilizers. This issue has become a priority for national governments and international development agencies.

ETG's Offering

Fertilizers are currently ETG’s single largest product line, accounting for a significant percentage of our trading volumes and revenue. Fertilizer flows inwards to Africa’s farmers along the same ETG supply chain that transports their commodities outwards.

ETG is a “ONE-STOP SHOP...” solution for farmers. We supply all their farming inputs such as seeds, agro-chemicals, fertilizers and agronomic services, while purchasing their agricultural outputs.

Subsistence farmers sell their surplus crops to ETG and purchase affordable fertilizers and other agricultural implements to further increase their outputs.

Our team of agronomists advise on the appropriate fertilizer formulations to suit specific soil, crop and climate conditions.

ETG currently supplies the following fertilizer products:

  • Nitrogen fertilizer
    • Urea (prilled / granular)
    • Calcium ammonium nitrate
    • Ammonium nitrate
    • Ammonium sulphate
  • Phosphate fertilizer
    • Di-ammonium phosphate
    • NPK
    • Single super phosphate
    • Triple super phosphate
    • Mono ammonium phosphate
  • Potash fertilizer
    • Muriate of potash
    • Sulphate of potash
  • Various grades of compound and blended NPK Fertilizers

Sourcing and distribution

ETG’s fertilizers are sourced from Middle East, Russia, Jordan, Ukraine, Madagascar and China. Our procurement is driven by quality, availability, planting season and price.

Our products are transported by our own fleet or trusted third party transporters / Vessel Owners.

The bulk of our fertilizer volumes are marketed directly to farmers through ETG warehouses, while a significant percentage is sold to dealers, wholesalers, cooperatives and NGOs. The remaining volumes are imported to fulfill government requirements.


Primary elements and micro nutrients are blended to meet specific needs of the customers before being bagged and distributed to customers through ETG’s extensive two-way supply chain.

The group acquired Kynoch Fertilizer in 2014. This well-established household South African brand manufacturers and distributes throughout Southern Africa region, which has added significant capacity and expertise to the Group, particularly for meeting large scale commercial farmer requirements. Kynoch blends a wide range of fertilizers and agro-chemicals along with offering specialised agronomy services.

The fertilizer brands include Falcon, Zambian Fertlizer and Kynoch:

Fertilizer agents

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