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ETG uses its distribution network to move products forwards (e.g. from Region A to Region B), as well as backwards (e.g. from Region B to Region A). For example, ETG pulses sourced from smallholders in Africa travel through the supply chain to China, while fertilizer sourced in China travels back through the supply chain to Africa’s smallholder farmers. ETG also exports maize, coffee, nuts and seeds from Africa to Asia, Europe and America, and from these regions imports fertilizer, wheat, sugar and rice to Africa.

ETG’s unprocessed and processed agricultural commodities, farming inputs and farming implements are distributed and marketed across the following regions:

East Africa Farming implements, fertilizer, maize, pulses, rice, soybeans, sugar, tea, wheat
Southern Africa Farming implements, fertilizer, maize, pulses, rice, wheat
West Africa Farming implements, fertilizer, rice, sugar
India & South East Asia Cashew nuts, fertilizer, maize, pulses, sesame seeds
The Americas Cashew kernels, pulses, sesame seeds
Other Cashew nuts, coffee, pulses, sesame seeds, sugar