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ETG has developed the most extensive and embedded farm-gate procurement distribution model in Africa, through which we procure over 25 different agricultural commodities. The Group sources up to 80% of our African-originated commodities at farm gate, through a network of hundreds of all-year and seasonal procurement centres. The remaining 20% is sourced from external traders and institutional suppliers.

By aggregating crop harvests and providing crucial links to the central market, ETG makes smallholder produce viable and competitive. Our efficient hub-and-spoke warehouse network in rural, agriculturally productive regions facilitates the channeling of volumes, from and to the farmers. We enable two-way trade flows by selling fertilizer, agrichemicals, farming implements and agronomic services through our supply pipelines. By helping farmers improve their crop yields, we heighten the two-way flow of products through our supply chains.

ETG competes on price and quality, while nurturing relationships through incentives supported by consistent quality control. Our product availability, both as a buyer and a seller, is a unique competitive advantage.

We encourage and facilitate the entrepreneurial drive of farmers and create jobs throughout the supply chain.