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Seed plays a key role in boosting yields and increasing agricultural productivity, especially for smallholder farmers in Africa.

Through the use of adapted seed varieties, agricultural production increases, creating employment opportunities in processing and marketing, as well as assisting with food security in Africa.

ETG Agro Seeds focuses on educating farmers on the numerous benefits of planting improved, high performance seed adapted to local farming conditions.

We recognise that all four aspects of Africa’s rural predicament - economic, ecological, nutritional and technical - are interlinked. By working closely with farmers, we will be able to offer practical help to the rural population in Africa, the majority of whom depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Economic gains and improved nutrition result from high value seeds.

ETG Agro Seeds also aims at strengthening the capacity of research, extension, hands-on technical assistance, the development, dissemination, and adoption of improved seed and planting materials. These are critical for preparing smallholder farmers to meet changing climate regimes.

We envisage increased availability of improved seeds by producing foundation seed, investing in storage, and producing and distributing sufficient volumes of high quality seed that the market demands. Ideally, there will be a good mix of seed for cash and household consumption crops to be produced for local and export markets.