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ETG’s Offering

ETG is the world leader, the most trusted name and preferred partner in the sesame trade. We offer high quality hulled and edible grade sesame seeds, and will be introducing organic produce into our profile.

We supply to the major importers in the largest markets; Japan, China, the Middle East and Turkey. Further, ETG is the only sesame commodity trader able to provide traceability for African sesame seeds from origin to consumption.

Sourcing & Distribution

All African origination takes place at the farm gate level.

ETG’s sesame seed volume is sourced from Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda, Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Kenya, India, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Bangladesh, Turkey, China, Pakistan and Somalia.

At present, China and Japan are ETG’s main destination markets, with others including Europe, India, Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, Greece, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Germany, USA, Canada and Russia.

ETG’s diversified origination strength is instrumental to cater for a wide variety of clients from all sectors of the trade. These include Oil Crushers, Tahina and Halawa (Halva) producers, sweet manufacturers, bread factories and other bakery industries.


All sesame seed cleaning is undertaken at ETG facilities and we plan to further expand our operations in Africa by utilising modern cleaning technology as well as de-hulling plants in Mozambique, Togo and China.

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