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ETG holds a decisive first mover advantage in procuring and distributing commodities in and out of the African continent. Over the years, ETG has established long-standing relationships with thousands of smallholder farmers, regional authorities and governments in all countries we operate in. These relationships enable ETG’s extensive two-way supply chain to link remote agricultural regions to major industrial hubs.


A key benefit of controlling all aspects of the value chain is that ETG can use its distribution network to move unfinished and finished products between regions; according to their supply and demand; preventing wastage and ensuring every country’s food requirements are satisfied. Through our diverse supply chain, ETG sources fertilizers, agrochemicals and farming implements for our smallholder farmers in remote regions and offer them training in current farming practices. We believe in constantly motivating our smallholder farmers to improve their crop yields and quality, with the prospect of securing additional income for them in return.


We have restructured our commodity operations and support functions into separate vertically integrated businesses. This will improve the Group’s operational efficiency, setting a platform for sustainable growth and creating opportunities for relevant partners to get involved with each individual business.


As one of the world’s fastest growing agricultural commodity traders, we are powering into a sustainable future with a focus on our core strengths:

  • Broadening our distribution network beyond Africa and into Asia, Middle East and Europe.
  • Establishing more processing facilities close to commodity origination sources and/or major distribution points.
  • Growing our market share in high-value commodities such as cashew nuts, sesame seeds and coffee.
  • Investing to build an array of leading branded consumer products.
  • Continuing to improve our efficiencies in matching regional supply and demand for commodities and products.