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Talent management has become a vital function at ETG and extends beyond simply recruiting the right candidates and correctly positioning them within our organisation. Our all-inclusive talent management process seeks to explore the hidden qualities of our employees and implement training & development plans to enable them to achieve their goals. The development training includes but is not limited to in-house leadership programmes and mentoring by dedicated senior executives including alignment to our corporate culture and values. Our employees are thus better equipped to face the challenges posed by a highly competitive and fast changing business environment.

As one of Africa’s largest and most respected agricultural traders, with a remarkable global footprint, we are extremely focused on people's capabilities and are working towards creating:

  • Global Talent Pool - through in-house talent management and a succession planning framework
  • Campus Connect - to acquire young and potential talent from campuses
  • Fast Track - to provide accelerated career opportunities for potential employees.

These are the inherent ingredients of ETG’s talent management framework.