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  • Export Trading Company is established in Kenya.
  • Markets Kenyan and international manufactured goods in East and Central Africa.
  • Present owners acquire the company at the end of this period, and introduce it into the East and African market as an agricultural participant.
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  • ETG emerges as a major supplier in food aid operations, with the UN World Food Programme becoming its biggest customer. To service these contracts, trading routes are established in Uganda, Ethiopia and nearby countries.
  • Operations are also extended into Southern Africa, with Malawi being introduced into the company footprint.
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  • Corporate head office established in Tanzania.
  • Investment in storage infrastructure throughout Tanzania to support trading activities.
  • The initial years where we began replication of procurement infrastructure and offices in other African countries.
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  • Agricultural processing is introduced to the business.
  • Fertilizer and rice imports begin, for sale domestically or regionally, in countries where operations exist.
  • Investment in commercial farming, acquisition of a rice estate in Tanzania and the largest commercial cereal farm in Africa, located in Zambia.
  • Set up of commodities trading and agro-processing operations in India.
  • Expansion of business activities in existing and new African countries and globally.
  • Significant processing acquisitions in maize, soyabeans, wheat, nuts and coffee.
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  • Raised USD210 million equity with Standard Chartered Private Equity and acquires new partners; Pembani Remgro Infrastructure Managers and the Carlyle Group
  • Term loans raised with IFC and PROPARCO to support the the capital expenditure program.
  • Actively commenced building brands for our processed and consumer packaged products.
  • Volume of commodities handled surpasses one million metric tons and our global storage capacity reaches 1.8m metric tonnes.
  • Standard Chartered Private Equity acquires a share in the ETC Group (Mauritius).
  • Established three new commodity desks: cotton, oil seeds and sugar.
  • Expanded into 11 West African countries as well as into Asia and South East Asia.
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  • ETG opens one of the largest pulses processing plants of its kind in the world in Khopoli, India.
  • Started operations in Australia.
  • Procured and distributed 4.3 million metric tonnes of commodities in this year.
  • Pradipkumar Patel, one of the founders and pioneers of ETG and who played an instrumental role in the development of the Group, passed away.
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  • Structured the business into five verticals; 1. Consumer Brands 2.Fertilizer 3.Exchange Traded Commodities 4.Cash Traded Commodities 5.Warehouse & Logistics.
  • Carlyle’s 7.32% stake in ETC Group was bought back by Export Trading Group PTE Ltd, Singapore.
  • Commodity volumes procured and distributed equated to approximately 5 million metric tonnes.