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Enhancing livelihood through Farm extension services – Malawi

Agriculture is the major economic activity in Malawi, accounting for an approximate 40 % of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employing more than 80 % of the economically active rural population. It is the main source of foreign exchange earnings, accounting for 89 % of the total earnings. Agriculture relies mainly on rain-fed crop production - formal or semi-formal irrigated land only equates to 28,000 hectares. The address this major obstacle, ETG has implemented Farm extension services, built on three main components:

A.    Agrochemical Support
B.    Capacity Building
C.    Food Security

Our comprehensive Farm extension services program is roled out in the North, South & Central regions of the country.

Our methodology includes:

Farm Extension Services Malawi

In the 2019/2020 season, ETG conducted a total of 51 field demonstrations, 13 farmer meetings and 4 agrochemical exhibitions; connecting with over 10,000 farmers across the country.

Field demonstrations are pivotal, and encompass focused discussion and training on good agricultural practices, crop protection practices, crop growth cycles, irrigation practices and ultimately assiting farmers to market their produce.

The program reached farmers engaged in cultivation of Maize, Tobacco, Soya, Ground nuts, Tomato, Beans, Cabbage and a variety of vegetables.

Farm Extension Services attributed to higher yields, better crop management, reduced wastage and afforded farmers a higher purchase price for their produce in the market.

Farm Extension Services Malawi

Farm Extension Services Malawi

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