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July 2020

ETG and Ibericafé announce strategic partnership to increase coffee volumes in Spain and Portugal

ETG and Ibericafé announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership combining Ibericafé’s extensive Spanish and Portuguese marketing network with ETG’s origination and supply chain management in Africa and Asia. Main goal for both companies is to increase and grow their presence in Spain and Portugal.

Freddie Schol, ETG’s Global Head of Coffee commented: “Our vision is to build a bridge between farmer and roaster, by having strategic presence in the origins we trade in. We believe the expertise and extensive network of Ibericafé, combined with our strength in origination and supply management, is a winning combination. We look forward to working towards a mutually beneficial partnership”.

“Origination becomes a key factor these days to penetrate segments and gain customers in the coffee market. Ibericafé therefore firmly believes that ETG meets all the basic requirements to become the ideal partner to join with”, said Juan Rubio, member of Ibericafé board.

About ETG

ETG has developed into a global player with a diverse portfolio of expertise across various industries, encompassing inputs, logistics, merchandising, processing and supply chain optimization. In last financial year, ETG procured and distributed over 8.6 Million metric tonnes commodities including maize, pulses, wheat, rice, sugar, oilseeds, cashew nuts, cocoa, coffee, fertilizer and farm implements. Eighty percent of the African-originated stock was procured at farm gate level. For more information please visit www.etgworld.com

About Ibericafé

Ibericafé is an independent importer of coffee, established in Spain by traders with experience in the coffee sector since 1980, with a drive to build a customized, value-based service for their clients by applying deep knowledge of both product and market. For more information please visit www.ibericafe.com

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