ETG’s ZimGold Oil Industries PTY launched Development Initiative in Zimbabwe ETG’s ZimGold Oil Industries PTY launched Development Initiative in Zimbabwe
5th June 2023

ETG’s ZimGold Oil Industries PTY launched Development Initiative in Zimbabwe

ZimGold Oil Industries (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of ETG, has launched a ground-breaking development initiative in Zimbabwe to promote sustainable farming practices and boost the country's economy.

ZimGold is involved in the extraction of edible oils from soybeans and sunflower seeds. Its flagship brand is ZimGold Cooking Oil. The company, located in the capital city of Harare, also produces margarine, washing soap, bakers’ fat, stock feed, and bottles, purified bottled drinking water. The primary raw materials used in the manufacturing of cooking oil and margarine are soybeans and sunflower seeds.

Due to an increase in import prices for crude sunflower oil, the company has partnered with Agri Value Chain Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd and Parrogate Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd to embark on a massive national sunflower contract farming project, aimed at boosting the farming/growing of sunflower by Zimbabwean farmers.

This initiative not only ensures a reliable supply of raw materials for the manufacturing of cooking oil and other products but also supports over 65,000 farmers and 112,000 hectares of sunflower nationwide. ZimGold has provided free seed to encourage farmers to start growing this crop, and the project is expected to contribute to the growth of the country's economy. This initiative will make use of the vast tracts of arable land within the country.

ZimGold has collaborated with the Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) and Agricultural Advisory and Rural Development Services in the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, and Rural Development to promote sustainable farming practices that benefit farmers in the country. The project has established sites in various locations, including Chegutu, Sanyati, Rushinga, Glendale, Gweru, and Checheche, where it will purchase sunflowers from contracted and independent farmers. According to the Crops, Livestock, and Fisheries Assessment report compiled by the Agricultural Advisory and Rural Development Services, the sunflower planted nationwide has increased to approximately 140,000 hectares.

The sunflower project is the first of its kind in the SADC Region, where a private player in the industry has contracted such a huge hectarage and given free seed to farmers. As the 2022/2023 sunflower seed buying season is upon us, ZimGold looks forward to purchasing the yield from this season, offering a competitive USD cash price on delivery to all farmers who bring their sunflower to the company.

This initiative is all under the theme "Come Grow with Us," as ZimGold aims to grow the economy and create a sustainable source of raw materials and a viable source of disposable income for the masses. It is a significant development initiative that demonstrates ZimGold's commitment to promoting sustainable farming practices and supporting the growth of Zimbabwe's economy.

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