Climate Solutions was born with a clear purpose: to drive positive change by amplifying ongoing decarbonization and social projects within the group. Our mission revolves around establishing climate-positive initiatives within ETG jurisdictions and aiding entities in comprehending and addressing climate change risks effectively. Through these efforts, we aim to deliver both environmental and social benefits, leaving a lasting positive impact.

Addressing the Problem

Addressing the Challenge: Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future

The shift to cleaner cooking fuel and sustainable living is a monumental challenge, requiring steadfast dedication. In regions across Sub-Saharan Africa, open pit fires persist, heavily impacting our forests.

At this crucial juncture, we recognize the urgent need to drive a persistent movement towards cleaner energy, notably biomass. Our commitment extends to promoting agricultural sustainability and prioritizing climate adaptation, especially in vulnerable regions.

Finding the Solution

Finding Sustainable Solutions: Carbon Abatement, Circular Economy, and Beyond 

In the quest for a sustainable future, we've identified key strategies to address pressing challenges. Through targeted carbon abatement and sequestration programs, we strive to support emerging and commercial farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa. This involves implementing measures that reduce carbon emissions and enhance carbon capture, promoting a greener agricultural landscape.

But the journey doesn't end here. Embracing a circular economy approach, we extend our efforts to valorize waste streams, particularly focusing on biomass and plastic. Biomass, a renewable resource, is harnessed to create energy and valuable bio-based products. Simultaneously, we're leveraging the power of circularity to recycle and repurpose plastics, reducing pollution and creating economic opportunities.

Our Programs

At ETG Climate Solutions, we hold a strong belief that empowering African Emerging Farmers is a linchpin for achieving multiple critical objectives. From enhancing food security to maximizing community benefits and sequestering GHG emissions, empowering farmers plays a pivotal role in building a sustainable and resilient future.

Carbon Abatement

Our Carbon Abatement programs play a pivotal role in achieving national and global climate goals for a sustainable future.

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Circular Economy

Focused on recycling and sustainable & renewable green energy, our Circular Economy programs are globally scalable.

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